"08 Honey・はちみつ紅茶"の販売を開始しました!

We have started selling "08 Honey Honey Tea"!

08 Honey/honey black tea is now on sale!

This is an All Made in Japan product that blends domestically produced Japanese black tea with domestically produced honey.

The aroma of honey you can feel from the moment you open the package, and the harmony of the sweetness of honey and Japanese black tea that spreads in your first sip is exquisite!

We also recommend brewing it strong and topping it with milk.

The package is available in two designs.
Please use it according to your purpose!

This is our staff's recommended product this winter! ! !

We had a pre-sale at an event the other day, but it was already in short supply as it was the most popular item among everyone who tried it.

Please purchase early.

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08 Honey・Honey black tea
08 Honey Honey Tea with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)
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Click Post delivery (Shipping fee: 185 yen) with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)