Social media policy

Social media policy

We at Chittö have established the following "Social Media Policy" regarding the operation of official accounts and employee participation in social media.

Purpose of social media participation

Chittö disseminates information about Chittö through social media, strives to communicate better with customers, and aims to become a company that is loved by customers for many years to come. Participation in social media is for the following purposes:

  1. Delivering Chittö's products and services and their appeal to as many customers as possible.
  2. Listening to customers' opinions, drawing out their inner voices, and deeply understanding the products and services that customers desire from Chittö.
  3. Through communication with customers, we strive to constantly improve and increase trust in Chittö and brand value.

Things to keep in mind when participating in social media

Employees working at Chittö, regardless of the organization they belong to or the form of employment, understand that social media is a place for communication based on personal connections, that it is open to the world at large, and that once a message is sent, We understand that information cannot be completely deleted, and when participating in social media, we will be aware of the following and participate in a moderate manner as a person of common sense.

  1. We comply with national and local laws and regulations, and respect related social and internal rules.
  2. We will actively provide information to our participating customers so that they can have a beneficial experience.
  3. We will be careful about the content of the information we send and how we send it, and try to avoid giving out false information or misunderstandings.
  4. If we have provided incorrect information or misleading expressions, we will promptly apologize and make corrections.
  5. We will abide by the regulations of each social media established and operated by a third party, and respect the culture and etiquette of each social media.
  6. We respect the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, and other rights of third parties, and take care not to damage their reputation. Furthermore, statements made by people related to Chittö on social media other than accounts designated as "official accounts" by Chittö, and statements made in the name of Chittö do not necessarily represent Chittö's views. Please see our Community Guidelines for more information.