Terms of Service

Terms of Service

[Important] Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before registering as a member. The Terms set out your rights and obligations when using the Service.

Article 1 (Definition)

  1. In these Terms, the following terms shall be used with the meanings set forth in each of the following items.
    1. "Service" refers to the entire system (including hardware and software) of this site that has the functions necessary for customers to purchase products online.
    2. A “user” is a person who can use the store to purchase products, etc.
    3. “Member” refers to a user who has registered as a member and has been approved by our store.
    4. "Shop" shall mean a virtual store for selling products, etc. on the Service.
    5. "Products, etc." shall mean goods or services sold to users through the shop.
    6. "Sales contract" shall mean a sales contract for products, etc. or a service provision contract between the user and our store.
  2. In these Terms, unless otherwise specified, all dates and times are based on Japan time.
  3. In these Terms, the headings of each article are for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation of these Terms.
  4. References to provisions shall refer to provisions of these Terms unless otherwise stated.

Article 2 (Scope of application and changes to terms and conditions)

  1. Users shall comply with these Terms when using the Shop.
  2. Individual provisions and additional provisions that our store separately posts on web pages on this site shall constitute a part of these Terms. If these Terms and these individual provisions or additional provisions differ, the individual provisions or additional provisions shall take precedence.
  3. Our store may change these Terms at any time without the consent of users. When our store changes these terms, we will notify you by posting the changed terms on the web page of this site, and the changes will become effective once the notification is complete.

Article 3 (Shop functions)

  1. The shop functions provided by our shop to users are as follows.
    1. A function that provides information on products sold by sellers in an online electronic catalog.
    2. Regarding the user's order information, the store's computer system that manages and operates the store will accept orders for products, etc.
  2. The Company may add or delete the content of the Service's functions at any time by notifying the User, and shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the Member due to such addition or deletion.
  3. Users shall only use the Shop for personal purposes and shall not conduct business using this Service.

Article 4 (Ordering products)

After selecting a product, you will be asked to enter the information necessary for ordering and delivering the product, such as delivery address and payment method. (Membership registration is not required.)
Once your order is complete, you will receive an email confirming the information you entered and your order, so please make sure you can receive emails from us. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to customers as a result of not receiving emails from our store.

Article 5 (Delivery of products)

In-stock items will be shipped within 3 business days after your order is confirmed, excluding weekends and holidays. Although we make every effort to ensure the delivery of products, we cannot be held responsible for any secondary reasons such as traffic conditions.

*We will contact you via email when the product has been shipped, but in case there is a busy delivery schedule. Please note that there may be a delay in e-mail notification of delivery completion, or we may not be able to send your order.

If the item is out of stock, we will contact you separately.

Article 6 (Payment)

You can pay by credit card (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB), PayPay, LINE Pay, or convenience store payment.

Article 7 (Return/Exchange of Products)

If you would like to return an ordered product, we will only accept returns or exchanges if the delivered product is defective, at our expense.

Article 8 (Cancellation of products)

Orders cannot be canceled after the product has been shipped.

Article 9 (Membership Registration)

  1. A person who wishes to register as a member (hereinafter referred to as a "person who wishes to become a member") shall apply for membership in accordance with the procedures set forth below and other procedures established by the Company.
    1. You must read these Terms carefully, understand their contents, and agree to abide by them. Please note that by clicking the "Membership Registration" button on the shop's web page, applicants are deemed to have expressed their agreement to the contents of these Terms of Use, and are deemed to have agreed to comply with these Terms of Use.
    2. Please enter all the necessary information specified by our company (hereinafter referred to as "registration information") on the membership registration screen as required for membership registration, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, password, etc. Please note that our store will not be held responsible for any disadvantages caused to prospective members due to errors or deficiencies in the entered information.

Article 10 (Changes in notification matters, etc.)

  1. If there are any changes to the registered information, the member shall notify the member without delay using the form prescribed by the Company.
  2. If a notice from our store is not delivered due to the member's failure to submit the notification set forth in the preceding paragraph, the notice shall be deemed to have arrived at the time it normally should have arrived.

Article 11 (Handling of personal information)

Our store will appropriately handle information registered by users when using the service, matters and other self-information (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") that have been reported to the company, based on the "privacy policy" posted separately on this site. shall be handled.

Article 12 (Prohibited matters)

  1. Users shall not engage in any of the acts specified in the following items when using the Shop.
    1. Entering false information or impersonating another person
    2. Acts that infringe on the copyrights, trademark rights, or other rights of our store or a third party, or acts that are likely to do so.
    3. The act of ordering products, etc. without the intention of purchasing
    4. Acts of delay in performance of payment obligations
    5. Acts that obstruct shop operations
    6. Acts of publishing or posting information on the shop that violates public order and morals (including, but not limited to, obscene or violent messages, graphics, sounds, etc.)
    7. Other acts that our store deems inappropriate.
    8. The user who violates the above shall be responsible for the consequences of violating the preceding paragraph, and our store will not be held responsible for any consequences.

Article 13 (Suspension and Cancellation of Membership)

  1. If a member falls under any of the following items, our store may suspend or cancel membership without any notice or demand.
    1. If your password is used illegally or allowed to be used by a third party
    2. If you interfere with the operation of the shop by any means
    3. If you violate any of the provisions of these Terms
    4. If the member does not pay by the due date the consideration for products purchased using the shop or other debts incurred by the member in connection with the use of the shop.
    5. In addition, if our store determines that you are ineligible as a member.

Article 14 (Suspension of shop operation)

  1. If there is any reason specified in any of the following items, our store may suspend or abolish part or all of the operation and provision of the store without prior notice to users.
    1. When regularly or urgently performing maintenance, inspection or updating of equipment or systems for the operation and provision of the shop.
    2. If it is difficult to operate or provide the shop due to war, terrorism, riot, civil unrest, labor dispute, earthquake, eruption, flood, tsunami, fire, power outage, or other force majeure.
    3. If the telecommunications carrier's services are not provided
    4. In addition, if it is necessary for us to temporarily suspend or stop the operation or provision of the shop due to operational or technical reasons, or if we determine that it is difficult to operate or provide the shop due to unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Our store shall not be held responsible for any disadvantages or damages incurred by users or third parties due to temporary suspension or suspension of store operations or provision, regardless of the reason.

Article 15 (Scope of responsibility)

If a customer suffers any kind of damage (whether indirect or direct) due to the use of the shop or the products and services provided by the shop, the shop will not be responsible for any damages.

Article 16 (Compensation for damages)

If a user causes damage to a third party by using the shop, the user will resolve the issue at his or her own responsibility and expense and will not cause any damage to the shop. If a user causes damage to our store due to a violation of these Terms, our store may claim compensation for damages from the user.

Article 17 (Validity and individuality of these Terms)

Even if any provision of these Terms is invalid or illegal, the other provisions of these Terms will remain valid without being affected in any way.

Article 18 (Governing law)

The governing law of these Terms shall be Japanese law.

Article 19 (agreed jurisdiction)

For lawsuits regarding the use of the shop or these Terms, the district court that has jurisdiction over the location of our shop shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.