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11 ORGANIC JAPANESE BLACK TEA [Organic Japanese black tea]

11 ORGANIC JAPANESE BLACK TEA [Organic Japanese black tea]

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【Description of item】
This is a special and luxurious product that has been made using organic manufacturing methods and harvesting only first flush tea for about 30 years.
We have created a fruity Japanese black tea by blending the rare organic first tea varieties ``Yabukita'' and ``Kurasawa'' from Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture.

The ``Kurasawa'' variety has a deep richness, sweetness, and mellow aroma similar to Assam, while the ``Yabukita'' variety has an elegant and clean taste.
Enjoy the rich flavor of our organic Japanese black tea made with our original blend.
A deep aroma will envelop you, allowing you to take a gentle breather.

*No sweeteners, colorants, preservatives, or flavors added

All products are in the form of tea bags that can be enjoyed easily.
Enjoy high quality, safe and secure Japanese tea.

  【Internal capacity】
3 pieces: 9g (3 g/piece x 3 tea bags)
10 pieces: 30g (3g/piece x 10 tea bags)

○Estimated amount of hot water for brewing: 250ml (please adjust the amount to your preference)
Temperature: 100℃
Extraction time: 2 minutes to 3 minutes

Iced tea is also recommended on hot days!
Place a tea bag in a bottle or mug filled with boiling water, add plenty of ice, and voila! 

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