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12 ORGANIC JAPANESE BROWN RICE TEA [Organic brown rice tea]

12 ORGANIC JAPANESE BROWN RICE TEA [Organic brown rice tea]

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【Description of item】
This is a special and luxurious product that has been made using organic methods and harvested only first-class tea for about 30 years.
A blend of rare organic deep-steamed tea from Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture, and domestic organic roasted rice.
The rich aroma of roasted rice, enhanced by high-quality deep-steamed tea, has a luxurious taste similar to soup stock.
It contains many nutrients (vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber) that modern people tend to lack.

*No sweeteners, colorants, preservatives, or flavors added

All products are in the form of tea bags that can be enjoyed easily.
Enjoy the rich flavor and high quality of safe and secure Japanese tea.

  【Internal capacity】
3 pieces: 9g (3 g/piece x 3 tea bags)
10 pieces: 30g (3g/piece x 10 tea bags)

○Estimated amount of hot water for brewing: 250ml (please adjust the amount to your preference)
Temperature: 95℃
Extraction time: 30 seconds to 1 minute

*The higher the temperature, the more catechins will be extracted, and the stronger the astringency and bitterness. *The longer the extraction time, the stronger the astringency.

Iced brown rice tea is also recommended on hot days!
You can enjoy iced genmaicha by placing a tea bag in a bottle or mug filled with boiling water and adding plenty of ice.

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