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01 JAPANESE GREEN TEA [Sencha] Tea bag

01 JAPANESE GREEN TEA [Sencha] Tea bag

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This is a sencha made with luxurious first-class tea from Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture.
A supreme product made using the deep steaming method that is typical of Kakegawa tea.
Because it is steamed for a longer time than regular sencha, it has a refined taste with just the right amount of astringency and a mellow sweetness.

*No sweeteners, colorants, preservatives, or flavors added

○Estimated brewing method: Amount of hot water: 250ml (please adjust the amount to your liking)
Temperature: 80℃
Extraction time: 2-3 minutes

*The higher the temperature, the more catechins will be extracted, and the stronger the astringency and bitterness. *The longer the extraction time, the stronger the astringency.

We also recommend iced sencha on a hot day!
Add a tea bag and soft water to a bottle, let it sit for about 2 hours, and it's ready!
You can also enjoy iced sencha by placing a tea bag in a bottle or mug filled with boiling water and adding plenty of ice.

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