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08 JAPANESE GREEN TEA “Summer Edition” [Cold-brew Sencha] Tea bag

08 JAPANESE GREEN TEA “Summer Edition” [Cold-brew Sencha] Tea bag

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This is a sencha exclusively for cold brewing, made with luxurious first-class tea from Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture.
A supreme product made using the deep steaming method that is typical of Kakegawa tea.
We offer limited quantities in large capacity packs and great prices.

Extracting with cold water suppresses the bitterness and spreads the mellow sweetness.
Add a tea bag to a bottle of cold water, let it sit overnight, and you're done!
It's a perfect dish for summer when you want to drink something refreshing.
Add plenty of ice and enjoy.

*No sweeteners, colorants, preservatives, or flavors added

Recommended brewing method
Water amount: 1000ml of soft water (please adjust the amount to your preference)
Tea bag : 1
Extraction time: 3 hours or more
* When extracted slowly with water, the sweet ingredients such as theanine and vitamin C slowly dissolve without being destroyed, resulting in a sweet and mellow taste.

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