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5 types of JAPANESE TEA & HUIS socks to choose from "Blue Green" gift set with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)

5 types of JAPANESE TEA & HUIS socks to choose from "Blue Green" gift set with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)

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This is a limited gift item with Enshu Textile "HUIS".

Special socks [HUIS socks] knitted with old-fashioned retractable double cylinders. We have prepared a comparison set of 7 types of JAPANESE TEA carefully selected by chittö.
You can enjoy a variety of JAPANESE TEA that changes daily.
You might discover a new favorite flavor!
You can easily enjoy the authentic taste in the form of a tea bag.

Relax your days with the relaxing effects of high-quality socks and Japanese tea.

■``Blue green'' shoes from HUIS
Color: Blue Green Size: One size (22cm-27cm)
Features: Jacquard knit socks with an attractive three-dimensional feel and rustic taste.
Using high-quality cotton combed yarn, we knit an original design with the HUIS logo as a motif.
Each carefully knitted pair of socks wraps your feet in a gorgeous manner.

■Product lineup (3 pieces or 10 pieces/type)
Please choose 5 types from below.

01 JAPANESE GREEN TEA [Sencha] with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)

02 JAPANESE ROASTED TEA [Hojicha] with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)

03 JAPANESE BLACK TEA [Japanese black tea] with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)

04 GINGER [Japanese Black Tea Flavored Tea Ginger] with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)

05 CINNAMON & GINGER [Japanese Black Tea Flavored Tea Cinnamon & Ginger] with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)

06 ROSE & HIBISCUS [Japanese Black Tea Flavored Tea Rose & Hibiscus] with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)

07 CHAMOMILE&LAVENDER [Japanese Black Tea Flavored Tea Chamomile & Lavender] with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)

08 HONEY [Japanese black tea flavored tea/honey black tea] with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)

10 ORGANIC JAPANESE ROASTED TEA [Organic Hojicha] with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)

11 ORGANIC JAPANESE BLACK TEA [Organic Japanese black tea] with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)

12 ORGANIC BROWN RICE TEA [Japanese Black Tea Flavored Tea/Genmaicha] with Dogs. Series (Schnauzer)

Free shipping for purchases over 5,000 yen (tax included).

*If you choose organic products, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please make sure that the number of containers ( 3 pieces /10 pieces) is the same as the number above.

■Details of HUIS shoes
[HUIS socks] are special socks knitted using an old-fashioned retractable double cylinder.
In sock production, compared to the high-speed "K-type single cylinder" that has become common in modern times, the old "double cylinder" is a valuable Japanese model that is no longer manufactured in modern times and requires a lot of manual labor by craftsmen. knitting machine.
Among them, HUIS socks are knitted using a 1970-style "retractable double cylinder" machine that is said to be the masterpiece of Japanese sock knitting machines.
There are very few factories left in Japan that have the technology to knit 176 mid-gauge (appropriately thick) jacquard socks using double cylinders.
Compared to socks that are knitted on a high-speed machine, the socks are knitted at a slow speed and wound slowly, so you can enjoy the fluffy texture and soft material with evenly aligned stitches.
In addition, socks knitted with double cylinders have natural ribs and a three-dimensional feel because they are knitted with two needles, one for the upper stitch and one for the lower stitch. The fabric itself is highly elastic and is carefully knitted to fit the shape of the foot, so it fits naturally to the wearer's feet and wraps around them in softness.
In addition, because it stretches and contracts with natural ribs without relying solely on rubber, it is durable for daily use.

The "Cream" SUVIN series uses high-quality yarn "SUVIN COTTON" for cotton material.
The 2.9 micro SUVIN thread is characterized by its thin, long, and strong fibers, and the thread itself has a silk-like luster and a cashmere-like softness, giving you the ultimate comfort.

The "Blue Green" and "Mist White" jacquard series are jacquard knit socks that have a three-dimensional feel and a rustic taste.
Using high-quality cotton combed yarn, we knit an original design with the HUIS logo as a motif.

Please come and experience the special comfort and functionality that can be obtained in exchange for a lot of time and effort.

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